Loreos Characters

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Prince Jarius Lorean
Lives in the royal palace in Dalmunatha

The people of Loreos are the most united faction in the lands of Roawia. The duty of leading this arid province has fallen to Jarius Lorean, The Prince of the Desert. He leads by maintaining the love and respect of his men, who would do anything for the heir of Lorean. But he is a leader in his own right, vigilantly defending the borders of Loreos from all who dare to oppose it. His loyalty to the King is great, though others may scorn the King for his less-than-colorful reign. The Prince would do any deed, no matter the difficulty, for the King's honor, but more importantly, for the glory of Loreos.
Mark of Falworth
Lives in a residence is just outside of Capernum

Mark of Falworth is a young noble of Loreos, and a direct descendant of Prince Lorean. He was born in the village of Ferncroft near the border of Lenfald , but was raised in the harshest of deserts. He has grown accustomed to the dry heat, and the desert winds against his face. Continually training and raising new troops, he is a diligent leader. Though he hopes for peace, he also realizes that war must come soon, and though he is loyal to the King, he feels he must strike a blow for the defense of the desert. The blow, when it comes, will be a powerful one. His lands are vast, and his retainers... numberless. He will lead them to glory... for the glory of Loreos!
In the dusty plains and deserts of Loreos is the small fiefdom of Hayden, Baron of the Eastern Dunes. He is a keen trader and experienced warlord.But best of all, he realizes the need for trade with other factions and within his own faction, he allows and endorses all attempts for markets and small local business. He is considered wise, an administrator in a wild section of the known world, but without a sword to back him up. He prefers to use a staff, far mightier than a sword, less cumbersome than a spear and much more useful on a horse. He is fiercely loyal to his betters and protectorates alike.
Sir Terryn
Knight of loreos and servant of the king

Ah , the life and time's of Sir Terryn..
Tis a short story at this point , Terryn son the proud knight Shakaar. Born into this role he takes his position very lighty. Always willing to fight but never really seeking it out. He rides upon the mighty Aramos a smart stallion once his fathers horse now his faithfull companion, see the people of the plains believe the bond of rider and horse a sacrite bond. This is definately the case here.

since his fathers passing a month ago something has been building in the young knight. He has been seen training, and running the plains on Aramos...
Born in the North but raised as a Loreesi after the war destroyed is family, Ashab was made prisonner at the age of seven and sold as a slave to a rich lord of the Desert. He earned his liberty ( we will see how in a later MOC ) and is now working as a mercenary defending, protecting and fighting who is paying him. He is currently working for a merchant, escorting the caravan through the arid desert. We can see him and the rest of the caravan taking a rest at one of the garded oasis that are scattered along the road.
Benjamin Toft
Lives in the headmaasters house a Toberg school of warfare

Benjamin Toft is from a poor farmer family close to Capernum. He was lucky to be spottet as a very good fighter and enrolled on Toberg school of warfare, which is very rare for a poor boy. When he finished the study he signed up as a soldier in the Loreos army. After 10 years he left the army for a great adventure. Here he earned some wealth and his wife Christina (a Lenfald). They both returned to Toberg as teachers, and later Benjamin became the headmaster of the school, a highly respected position.
Robin Longstride
Robin was born in the Province of Loreos. Once he was 3 his father, a noble knight of Loreos, started training him in the art of chivalry. When Robin was 5 his father died in battle against a group of outlaws. Robin has secretly sworn vengeance against the low-life outlaws. He is now a knight of Loreos and is very loyal to his Province.

Robin Longstride recently won the great Loreos jousing competition, and earned the title "Champion of the joust"
Sir Mencot
Lives in the Roseberg family estate just outside of Dalmunatha

Mencot an warrior/adventurer, a member and officer in the exiled and banned order Knights of Justice (KoJ). An order that almost goes back to the time when the land of Roawia was founded, an order that maintain law and justices. But has more and more over time become an paladin order of rightful knights until they wear betrayed and banned by the royal court and the other factions except House Loreos. Now Mencot and his brother Janek are hidden somewhere in the coldness of Garheim, with them they have the Sword of Justice, legend says it belong to the Kings captain of the guards and he was the first member of the KoJ. The Sword of Justice a broadsword and an excellent craftmanship, have borne many stories over time. Saying that it gives power to the wielder, myth or truth nobody knows. Now the the leaders of Loreos and the Paladin Grandmaster has asked the remnant of the knights of Justice to return to rebuild the order and bring peace and justice to the land of Rowaia again. Some more backstory for sir Mencot (Samir) of Roseberg, he and his brother sir Janek. Their were sons of a noble Loreos family who lived near the capitol in their family castle. Their father Alexander and mother Lydia were a well know merchantes but the father also was a respected knight and a skillful horseman and jouster like his ancestors before him, their mother was a beutiful lady but don't let looks fool you, she was also skilled with the sword because she had studied at Toberg school of warfare. Altough the sons were at young ages Alexander and Lydia thought them every thing they knew and Samir and Janek grew to be skilled in everything a fine noble young man should be. One day when the boys were 5 and 7, Alexander and Lydia decided to take with them their sons on the caravan to teach them the mearchent and traderlife and this time the traderoute went through the big desert to the other towns and this time the destination was the big town on the east side Stowburn also known as the Gold town. When the caravan was good on the way in the middle of the big desert suddenly the Roseberg caravan was attacked and robbed by cut throat bandits called Le Kharidiens , altough the caravan was protected by the best men Alexander had in his service. The attackers overwhelmed the caravan and this tribe was know by not to leave any one alive. Alexander, Lydia and their men fought hard but were defeted, the last thing the deadly wounded Lydia did was to hide the sons under one of the scattered caravan wagon remains hopeing non of the bandits would find them. Playing dead, she could ensure that the bandits left without finding and harming the boys. She promised the boys that help was surely on its way knowing that Knights of Justice or other knights were useally searching these parts of the desert for bandits and the Roseberg caravan being a big caravan it was quite visible. Finally a group of KoJ found the ruined caravan, by then all the wounded were dead, also Lydia but the boys Samir and Janek were still alive. The knights took them along to the near by town and from there they decided what to do with them. Roseberg caravan and the family was pretty much well know to many, so they decided the best was to bring them back home to the family castle. One young officer named Drasden (the present Grandmaster Paladin) agreed to the assignment to bring them back home but not knowing what effect he will have on the young boys lives. When he returned to the Roseberg castle he found that there was just and old servent couple there and they told him that these boys where the only living Roseberg's left. Drasden agreed that he will help out raising the boys with the servent couple but he explained that he also has his duties in the order to take care of, so he can't stay but he promised he will always for time to time come back here.
Princess Loreainne Storm of Loreos
Known as: The Warmonger, Bloodshade, The Desert Mistress, The Crimson Viper, (and more)
Background: Princess Loreainne was interested in war since she was a child, and has studied the art of war in all its facets for as long as she's been alive. She was recognized for her capabilities as a warrior and a leader and grew to be a respected Princess because of it, although she has a notorious reputation built on the blood of her enemies.
Character: She's a proud patriot who is hateful of non-Loreesi, seeing them as nothing but threats to Loreos' well-being and obstacles in the way of expansion. If you're Loreesi, she's kind as can be, although she'd expect a lot out of you. If you're not, you'd better stay out of her sight. Loreainne spends most of her time hunting outlaws across the plains of Loreos and guarding the border, hoping a full-scale assault will come. When she's not doing that she's often helping a hand, riling up the populace for a war. Loreainne firmly believes in the glory of warfare and believes asserting military dominance over another to be the prime goal and highest virtue a nation can achieve.
Great Horsegiver Giscu-uru
On the grasslands near the border with Lenfald lives the Skuda (literally: "Those Who Ride") peoples. They are a hardy nomadic horse people, and as such are looked down on by many of the noble Loreesi families who consider them little better than barbarians.
This is not helped by many of the Skuda customs: living in felted yurts they have little use for stone buildings (excepting their religious temples); also they follow shamans who tell of the prominence of the "Lord of the Horizon" - a capricious Sky Father who watches over the Skuda people and demands animal sacrifices at his mountainside temples to keep contented.
Unsurprisingly for a people whose livelihood is centred on horses, the leader of the Skuda is known as the "Great Horsegiver" - a title which the leader would be wise to take literally. The Skuda value horses above all else and will only follow a leader who is successful enough to give gifts of horses to his bondsmen.
The Skuda do not follow primogeniture - on the death of one Great Horsegiver the next one is chosen from amongst the strongest of his bondsmen. Often this is the most successful Skuda general and his prominence is typically decided by the killing of the other candidates.
The present Great Horsegiver of the Skuda is Giscu-uru (the suffix -uru denotes a Lord). Giscu-uru is a moderniser who wishes to raise the profile of the Skuda amongst the other Loreesi houses. As such, he wears more contemporary armour and uses the latest Loreesi equipment. He tries to encourage his bondsmen to equip their riders in a similar manner - and despite a combination of raiding and trade he is making slow progress with the conservative Skuda leaders.
To integrate the backward Skuda into Loreesi culture Giscu-uru is constructing a great capital on the plains known as "Civus Skudae". Although the Skuda are scornful of walled cities and staying one place too long (for their herds of horses eat all the surrounding grass) Giscu-uru is slowly winning over his people to his very modern vision.
Shown here is Giscu-uru (left) in his Loreesi armour and showing his steel broadsword accompanied by his standard-bearer Bajik (centre) and general Sabur-uru (right). Bajik and Sabur-uru are Giscu-uru's most trusted bondsmen and dress in the Skuda custom of a silk shirt, carry the curved cavalry swords which the Skuda are famous for, and ride painted horses denoting their high status.
Neal Alistair
Neal Alistair is a brave knight from the kingdom of Loreos. He is one of the seven sons of a humble Loreesi farmer and a misterious woman, that came to his city one time and then, just appeared one year later with a small baby. Neal was raised by his father and his older brothers, Leon and Artur, the only ones he knows. The others have been missing since he can remember. When he was 9 years old, a noble from a distant city saw a great potential in his eyes and took him to the capital city of the kingdom, where Neal learned how to fight with swords and lances, axes and maces, bows and arrows. He became a great skilled soldier and started to serve as a knight of the Loreos Army. Above, Neal meets a scout from a nearby city in the middle of Loreos desert. Where was he going? Well, I guess we'll find out soon.
Arturius Xavier
In the North-western region of Loreos near the mountains and along the North Western Grassland is the location of the Mor-Renuii Cities that extend to the Island to the West or Loreos. The Mor-Renuii originating from clans developed into a civilized people whose old clans eventually became the Patri-Familia who act as the ruling bodies of the Mor-Renuii culture within Loreos. The Mor-Renuii adhere to the King's laws, but live within their society as if they were a republic. Like many who live in Loreos they are loyal to the cause, but do not believe in royal titles for their Patri-Familia, instead they elect members of the society to represent them as Consul only based upon their abilities to fight and lead.
Although many Patri-Familia have represented the Mor-Renuii culture within Loreos as Consul, only the Patri-Xavier have remained as the most prominant and often elected rulers of the people. As such, they were granted by the King Lordship over the lands (Lord Regent of the Mor-Renuii). Although this may be understood by the Patri-Xavier as a right, they also understand that for their people this is a right that must be earned so that in most cases the title is a hollow title to them, until through acts of great leadership and honour their are elected as Consul by the Mor-Renuii.
The 118th Consul, Arturius Xavier understands this the most, that not only does he represent a portion of Loreos, he represents his people. It is his duty as Commander of the 7th, to not only bring his people's armies for Loreo's to war if called up, but to adhere to the King's laws, as well as hold the traditions his people have vested in him through his election.
Arturius is both an honourable warrior and politician as well as a skilled tactician who believes that the best defense is a good offense. He will bring the full force of the 7th Brigade to war, along with the many Legions of Soldiers that his people represent for the Loreos cause.
Arturius's people do not hold a particular province within Loreo's but rather a region that is much like a nation within the Loreo's lands. The Mor-Renuii have internal seperate provinces to represent regions for military development, agriculture and resource extraction to support the various economies of Loreos.
The capital of the Mor-Renuii within Loreos is Morastius-Renu, a great city surrounded by irrigated farms from the mountain streams and is located near the Northwestern part of Loreos on the dry - grassland.
Arturius often has been noted to lead Battalions directly into combat and treats all outlaws, brigands of any sorts as enemies of the state (Punishment by Mor-Renuii Culture Law = Death).
Drahl grew up on a farm, where he would work in the fields with his father. He could have been a farmer his whole life, but when his father died, he decided to travel. He now wanders the lands of Loreos. Whenever the province requires soldiers to defend their land, Drahl is always ready to help. He is loyal to Prince Jarius Lorean and the province of Loreos, so, he is also loyal to the king.
Sir Faulenhart the Wild
Sir Faulenhart was in actuality born to a peasant couple in Garheim. In the first few years of his life he saw both his parents taken from him. His father, when Faulenhart was only 4 years old, was struck dead by bandits who had come to raid the village. When Faulenhart's father, Jon, defied Theiss, the bandit leader and refused to give up his only son, Theiss laughed and put a crossbow bolt through Jon's head. He did honor Jon's request, however, and left Faulenhart with his mother. After the loss of his father, Faulenhart began to train as a warrior. He was a natural when it came to horses, and he performed better than any other boy his age with a pike. His mother was proud to know her son would be able to protect his community if trouble came again. What Faulenhart could not protect his family and friends from, however, was disease.
While Faulenhart was away from home guarding a trade caravan, plague swept over his small village and left everyone dead within just a week. Faulenhart was only 14 years old at the time he lost his mother, friends, and all sense of who he was. Determined to grow from his experiences and ashamed to stay within Garheim, he took the only things he had left of his father - a helmet from his grandfather's father that he wouldn't be able to wear effectively for years, and a breastplate from his uncle, who had been as much of a second father to Faulenhart as he could have ever asked for. With these artifacts from his former life in hand, Faulenhart left Garheim forever and traveled until he felt there would be no more suffering. When he stopped, he was at the entrance of a grand home outside in the middle of the desert that defines Loreos. It was here where he met his first and only love.
Faulenhart's troubles did not end here. Over the next few years he would pledge his loyalty to a lord that sought to kill him, for he was a foreigner and not at all able to hide his feelings for Lord Nazhun's daughter Sofya. When Faulenhart kept coming back from these suicide assaults on numerous tribes of raiders, Lord Nazhun was forced to elevate him to a high seat his military due to popular demand. Nazhun, however, was not going to allow his daughter to wed the outsider. Nazhun quickly sent Sofya away, pledged her to another man in her absence, and made pacts with beings better left unspoken. Lord Nazhun sent Sir Faulenhart on another assault - this one staged by mercenaries. Faulenhart's luck in battle had run out. Sofya was far away from the fortress and Faulenhart lay wounded in the desert sun. His horse was dead, and he rested against it as the heat continued to beat against his bloodstained skin. It was here, in this spot, that Faulenhart began to laugh. Drawing power from the misery of his suffering, he made his destiny become reality. A trading caravan from Garheim managed to be making its way past him and the irony gave him more strength still. Faulenhart was spotted, rescued, and arrived in the capital city of Dalmanathua. He recovered in a few weeks and returned back to Lord Nazhun only to find the paradise he once knew in ruins. Fire, from the looks of it, had ravaged the buildings and the sandstorms had all but covered the debris. Faulenhart's second family lost, he traveled back to Dalmanathua. It was here where he fell to his knees at the foot of the throne of Prince Jarius Lorean and pledged his loyalty. His only words were, "For the glory of Loreos."
Ben Flarius
Growing up in a forgotten region of Loreos, Ben Flarius had practiced his archery until perfection. At the age of 14 he won all archery competitions in the area. By the age of 17 he had assembled a group of warriors loyal to him to help defend his homeland. But when he was 20 years old he was captured by the Outlaws, and they tortured him nearly to death to try to gain information. They didn't succeed. Eventually Ben escaped back into Loreos where he loyally signed up to fight under the flag of Loreos! Some of his men are also here to help.
Achmed was born in a poor family. They lived in a small house outside of the city. For surviving, Achmed had to steal...But he stole more than he needed and he sold something, so he got money. It began in his school: Every morning, he stole some fruits of the farmer and sold them in the break between the different lessons. He made a lot of money and could buy a lot of things...
When he was 19 years old, he wanted to buy a camel, but this was so expensive. He didn't know how he should get money. So he went to the market and looked what the most expensive thing was: The wood of the Lenfels. So he rent a small fish cutter and sailed to the shore of the giant forest... But there were the Lenfels comming! They tried to shoot him, but they never hit him. He could sail away, back to Loreos.
There on the market he sold this wood and got very rich. He began stealing other things, like silver of the Garhims, or wildlife of the forests... He sold pretty everything and got very famous in his village. So he had enough money to move to Dalmanutha. Now he's 36 years old and wanted by all countries but Loreos.
Tsubodai and his ragtag but elite horsemen hail from the plains region of Loreos. They ride quick and fast and can overwhelm most enemies in an instant. Tsubodai leads them to victory every time and so they follow him without hesitation. He is young but ruthless in battle and has built up a reputation for himself and his men. They generally work for hire but will proudly come to the defense of Loreos. Made up of Skuda tribesmen as well as horsemen from around Loreos, Tsubodai leads his men in snakelike strikes against their enemies.
Thomas Arrowford
His Father Hamus Arrowford (left) is originally from the Northlands. He had some reknown as a warrior, but settled in Loreos after meeting Maria - Thomas's Mother (rear). He retired from soldiering and became a farmer establishing the small farm they live on at Arrowford.
His oldest son Joseph (right) loves the farming life and is destined to continue the farm after his father.
Thomas doesn't mind the farm, but yearns for a small taste of adventure.
Sir Jabathque
Jabathque Knightingham was born into an old family of Loreos who owned a large estate and were renowned horse trainers. As a young boy he always wanted to become a knight like his Father was. As he grew up his father noticed how much he desired to follow in his footsteps. His father had the best knight trainer instruct him in the way of chivalry and knighthood. He has distinguished himself in many battles and now holds the title of Sir. When Sir Jabathque was 20 years old his father suddenly passed away. He then inherited his father’s castle which is situated in the Southeastern tip of Loreos not far from where the mountains meet the coastal waters.
Raised in a monastery, Horatius trained with many melee weapons, but he prefers to use only his hands. He was also taught the important subjects of riding, arithmetic, writing, economy, the history of Roawia, along with many other things. When Horatius was sixteen, equipped with the knowledge from the monastery, he left his childhood home to find his way in the land of Loreos. Sometime after, while he was resting in the shade along the road with one of his favorite books, he suddenly heard a cry for help. Rushing toward the sound, Horatius found a man’s cart tipped on its side with its contents spread about. Outlaws were everywhere. Using his combative skills with his hands, Horatius fought the Outlaws alone. When the barbarous Outlaws had fled, he waited until the man came to his senses. Then, as the man came to his senses, Horatius told him what had happened. Horatius discovered that the man he had saved was a wealthy nobleman. This magnate was named Augustus Desertwind, who proceeded to take Horatius back to his estate where he rewarded him with many riches and also introduced Horatius to the life of a merchant. Because the magnate had no children of his own, he adopted Horatius as his own son. Horatius is now full heir to all of Augustus' possessions, and now sells his father's merchandises to the citizens of Roawia.
Lord Kellen Stout of East Stowburn
Lord Kellen Stout of East Stowburn, a leal servant to the Lorean family, and protector of all things Loreesi, has been trusted to protect one of the richest cities in all of Roawia. Born from an old and affluent family, Kellen has carried the banners in protecting the northeast border for near 65 years and in his prime was unmatched on horseback. Now in the twightlight of his life he remains unmatched, but now as commander of the Pride, the northern army conprised heavily of the famed Loreesi cavalry. Blessed with a large family, he grooms them to carry the Stout name and legecy. Their estates are on the northern side of the Stowburn river in the foothills of the Loreesi gold mines, they are trusted to police the mining & trade operation of Gold town. Welll off, but humble they provide security to the city and to the surrounding area.
Vin was born into a family with a small amount of royal blood. Very small. But it somehow was enough to be able to pull some strings and put him into a low ranking position (but higher than a foot solder). So far his time in service was uneventful. But his story has just begun.
Olaf Jarlsson
Olaf's family was born in Garheim, but they moved to Loreos soon after having Olaf. Although he has no royal blood, Olaf managed to secure a spot as an auxiliary commander. He does not wish for war, but if the time comes, he will fight.
Lord Tathann
Born to a poor merchants family in Loreos, Tathann grew up helping his father sell his wares in Lenfald from the age of six. On one such trip to Lenfald his father and him were attack by Outlaw bandits on the Loreos-Lenfald border, who looted them and brutally murdered his father. Still angered and in shock from his father's death, young Tathann grabbed his father's dagger and stabbed one of the Outlaws before running into the forests of Lenfald. Tathann sat on a rock in the forest crying because of his father's death when a Loresii approached him.

"Hello young sir. My name is Lord Jesuan. What is a fellow Loresii doing in these forests of Lenfald," the lord asked. Tathann explained how they were traveling from Loreos to Lenfald to sell his father's wares and how they were attacked by Outlaws and that his father was murdered. "Come here boy you can come live with me, and enjoy peace and joy in my Palace at Fangroth. Would you like that?" Tathann nodded and walked toward Lord Jesuan and they rode off together back to Loreos. So Tathann grew up in the Palace at Fangroth and succeeded his father Lord Jesuan ad Lord of Fangroth, but even in his joy he still missed his true father and vowed to one day take revenge on the outlaws...!

Secondary characters
The wife of Benjamin Toft. Originally from a rich Lenfald family. She is hated in Lenfald for her marrige to a Loreesi man. Shes a great archer and teaches archery at Toberg school of warfare.
Latgot Tyrfu
A student at Toberg school of warfare, who reached the final in the great Loreesi joust. He is from a rich Morastius-Renu family.
Yussuf Ganerh
The leader of the Toberg guard - who protects the students at Toberg school of warfare.
Captain Lancorv
Captain in charge of Bardurk, and a friend of Drahl, Captain Lancorv is a noble Loreesi, and is loyal to his province and its prince.