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Builds by mencot

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PictureTypeChallengeBuild nameEntry pointsWinner pointsRankingLink
FBLoreos FB 10Enticement business201686link
FBLoreos FB7The Den of thieves201592link
FBLoreos Free BuildMeeting of three parties at the old ston201557link
LCLoreos LC2Village of Avgard201552link
GCLCC GC1Roseberg castle garden 501550link
FBLoreos FB6The Hunters Cabin, return to Avgard201531link
GCLoreos Global Challange III part 1At the Barracks301495link
GBGB Heroes Guild A.M 1Leaving Roseberg101488link
LCLoreos LC10Lake and Timber411439link
FBLoreos FB4Zombie tales201417link
FBLoreos FBThe Hall of Chivalry201389link
LCLoreos LC4 Part 1Exchanging goods and old friends301385link
LCLoreos LC4 part 2Siege weapons001372link
FBLoreos FB2 Prologue: At the old hermit201329link
FBLoreos FB9Dangerous encounter201284link
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