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Sir Caelan Munro

Builds by Sir Caelan Munro

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PictureTypeChallengeBuild nameEntry pointsWinner pointsRankingLink
GCGC3 Phase 1Gathering Intel for the War301835link
GCGC3 Phase 2 WinnerFall of the Ice Wizard851831link
LCFortify Lenfald!Restoring A River Guardian461785link
FBMay 2013 BuildLenfel Scout Snipers: War Elephant201764link
FBCCCX Ill Advised JourneyThe Hostile Invite201751link
GCGC4 WinnerWe Will Not Yield!!6101737link
LCCCCX Forest Life EntryGreat Northern Gray Wolf Pack6181715link
LCLenfald LC8Rewards and Regrets301688link
LCLenfald LC11Go Where No One Else Will Go331595link
GCGC5 Part 2Friends in Low Places Pt2: An Encounter001565link
GCGC5 Part 3 Faction FinalistFriends in Low Places Pt3: Escape0101564link
GCGC5 Part 1Friends in Low Places Pt1: Ice Wizard601540link
FBMonthly BuildLenfald Forever!201528link
GCGC6 Vignette EntryCloak and Dagger101524link
GCGC6 Restricted CategoryVipers in The Garden331511link
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