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Sir Erathor

Builds by Sir Erathor

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PictureTypeChallengeBuild nameEntry pointsWinner pointsRankingLink
FBNoneThe Battle of Castle Darhor - May 2013201539link
FBNoneToo Soon to Leave - September 2013201500link
LCLoreos LC11Fortifying the Border201500link
FBNoneThe Marriage of Sir Erath... - July 2013201500link
FBNoneA Noble Request - July 2013201500link
FBNoneIn Remembrance - August 2013201500link
LCLoreos LC12A Meeting on the Road301500link
FBNoneThe Great Hall of Mor Reni - August 2013201500link
GCGCVThe Mushroom Man - GCV Part 1501500link
GCGCVBreaking In - GCV Part 2001500link
GCGCVBreaking Out - GCV Part 3001500link
FBNoneDuel to the Death - October 2013201500link
FBNoneThe Green Crystal - September 2013201500link
FBNoneHalting Death - October 2013201500link
FBNoneShady Business - November 2013201500link
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