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Louie le Brickvalier

Builds by Louie le Brickvalier

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PictureTypeChallengeBuild nameEntry pointsWinner pointsRankingLink
GCGC6 Unrestricted The Fortress of Circardia501521link
GCGC V Pt.3Under a New Rule201510link
GCGC6 Vignette Checking the Inventory 101509link
GBHeroes Guild A2A Meeting by the Shore101501link
LCGarheim LC13Making Preparations 201499link
GBHeroes Guild J1A Faithful Jump301496link
GCGC6 RestrictedThe War Room301495link
LCGarheim LC15Drastic Measures 401493link
FBNoneThe Message201483link
LCGarheim LC14Happy and Chorian201482link
GBHeroes Guild A1Passing by Memories 101481link
GCGC V Pt. 2 Evacuating Mikithdar201477link
GCGC V Pt.1Grave News201474link
GBHeroes Guild A3Give No Mercy!101464link
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